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I've just released something here on JeffsSecretStash I started in 2008 called Sketch Coloring™.  I've been wanting to change up this page for a while now, and here we are.  This is the way I create one of a kind commissions for YOU!

Sketch Coloring?  What is it?
Sketch Coloring is where I take comic book cover, prints, posters etc. and color it up BY HAND with markers how YOU would like it colored (or I can use my imagination).  However, instead of coloring up the ENTIRE picture, I'll leave some of the picture b/w to have certain items or characters stand out and be the focus.  And even though I may color the same picture multiple times, each Sketch Coloring is TOTALLY different from the next.  Making each one UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND!

So check it out.  Shop around and fill up that shopping cart. But most important...HAVE FUN!
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